Improvements to Campus Grounds
Posted by: Byron Hurst

Posted on 19 Sep 2018

Exciting things are happening about the campus with a new statue of our Founder, St John Baptist De La Salle being installed lately and new turf being laid on the oval. A body of recent research shows the connection between a peaceful natural environment and student well being and academic success.

De La Salle Cronulla has indisputably the most beautiful grounds in the Shire. Our students are very lucky to be able to enjoy lunchtime tennis, picnics with their friends in shelter sheds built by the construction class and room to kick a ball on our oval. Some of the happiest memories ex students have are of studying or chatting with friends on one of our well maintained lawns.

The statue of St John Baptist De La Salle has been sculpted from a block of Greek marble by one of Australia's foremost stone artisans, Jacek Luszczyk. Jacek has restored carving on historic buildings and statues all around Sydney. The statue is a way of remembering daily the tradition of De La Salle who founded the first schools for the poor working people of France in the 1600s. St La Salle is the patron saint of teachers and the staff at the college seek to replicate his dedication to his pupils and share his philosophy that education is the key to bettering human lives.

Special thanks to Mr. Col Sammut of Flower Power who has offered to donate the plants to landscape around the statue.
Sutherland Shire Council's Greenweb program officer Mr. Geoff Doret has also been very helpful with advice and assistance with plants from the council nursery. Visitors to the school are always impressed with the beautiful native plants that fill the beds of the campus.

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