HSC Success
Posted by: Byron Hurst

Posted on 15 Dec 2016

Gabrielle Pagano from De La Salle College Cronulla is a young lady going places in the fashion industry. She has just achieved first place in NSW in HSC Design Technology and has her eyes set on a career as a designer. Gabrielle's project was to design an online business. "The Heirloom Room" is a business model where old favourites are resurrected from the back of the wardrobe are remodelled into new, on trend styles.


"My concept was to introduce sustainable principles and ethical practices into an industry often criticised for putting profit ahead of people and the planet," said Gabrielle


Sharing the excitement of Gabrielle's experience is her teacher Miss Sara Gamsaragan. Incredibly the class of 2016 was the first HSC Design class of her career. Sara has been teaching for only 3 years and was herself nominated for the prestigious Design Tech exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum when she was a student at De La Salle College.


"While Gabrielle's design project was fantastic, it was the work in her portfolio and her academic performance in the written exam that gave her the edge. I brought a strong focus in class on literacy skills and communication techniques.  Gabrielle really responded to that and recognised the importance of selling her concept. This will stand her in good stead in the competitive fashion world," said Sara.


Sara’s successful year got even better when the HSC results were released on December 15. Charlotte Startari from the same class as Gabrielle achieved second place in the State!


De La Salle College Cronulla is delighted with the results achieved by its HSC class of 2016.


On the Premier's All Rounders List are Isabelle Andersson and Shannon Hathier.Just as happy are the following students who are on the Top Achievers list of Place Getters -
Shannon Hathier  Legal Studies 3rd Place
Gabrielle Pagano Design Technology 1st Place
Charlotte Startari Design Technology 2nd Place
Madeline Stratford English Standard 13th Place

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